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Are your radiators cold in certain places when your heating is turned on?


Are they slow to heat up?


Black Sludge whilst bleeding radiators?


If so, you may need a Powerflush as you have a build up of sludge and sediment in your system.


Key Benefits Of A Powerflush


Increased boiler efficiency reducing gas bills


Elimination of radiator cold spots


Increased pump life and internal boiler parts


Elimination of kettling and pipework noises


Will My Old Pipes And Valves Be Okay?


We currently have 3 different flushing machines. Although it is impossible

to guarantee that an old pipe or valve will not leak, selecting the correct machine to suit the age and condition of your system will reduce the chance of any issues.


Before >>>>

After  >>>>>

Powerflush Costs

System with up to 10 radiators  £420 (inc VAT)

Add £20 per radiator for systems with over 10 rads

Magnetic filter is only £85 when installed at the same time as a powerflush!


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