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The checks carried out on a typical service 


Appliance gas/water soundness test (to check for gas/water leaks on gas pipework/appliance)


Smoke test / Flue flow test (to check chimney/flue isn't blocked and is taking away fumes correctly etc) - Open Flued appliances only


Cleaning of Condensate Trap  


Visual inspection of case seals, boiler casing etc to check integrity 


Burner pressure or Gas Rate (to check appliance is burning the correct amount of gas)


Cleaning of Burner,injectors,heat exchanger,fan,coals,sensing probes, and thermocouple (If applicable to the appliance)


Combustion test on completion using digital gas analyzer (to ensure correct operation / efficiency of appliance)


Written service report confirming the safety of appliance.

All gas appliances should be serviced every 12 months to ensure safe & effcient operation.

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